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ZPG vacuum rake dryer

Working principle
The machine is a new horizontal batch vacuum drying equipment, wet material by evaporation conduction with blade stirrer continuously remove heat material surface, and the passage formed in the container recycle stream after evaporation of the water withdrawn from the vacuum pump .
◎ The machine adopts large sandwich heating mode, heat transfer surface large, high thermal efficiency.
◎ The machine is set stirring, the material in the barrel to form a continuous cycle of state, to further improve the uniformity of the material heated.
◎ The machine is set stirring, allowing smooth paste, paste, paste material drying.
Adapt materials
◎ medicine, food, chemical and other industries following material drying:
◎ apply paste, paste, powder materials;
◎ requirements of low-temperature drying of heat-sensitive materials;
◎ easily oxidized, explosive, strong stimulation, highly toxic materials;
◎ recover solvent materials.

Technical Specifications

Project Model
Name Unit ZPG-500 ZPG-750 ZPG-1000 ZPG-1500 ZPG-2000 ZPG-3000
Working volume L 300 450 600 900 1200 1800
Heating area m2 6 7.6 9.3 12.3 14.6 19.3
Plus stirring speed rpm 6-30 stepless
Power kw 4 5.5 5.5 7.5 11 15
Sandwich design pressure (hot water) MPa ≤0.3
The degree of vacuum tube MPa -0.09~0.096

Note: The characteristics and thermal evaporation of water and the material inlet, outlet temperature-dependent. When the outlet temperature was 90 o C, its water evaporation curve shown above (for the selection of reference), with product updates, relevant parameters to change without prior notice.

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