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Drying equipment where demand highlights

Datetime:2014-12-27 14:08:23   Hits:1116

  Drying equipment is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, forestry, native products, food, light industry and other fields, is a large wide range of general machinery products. Drying equipment industry from the formation, development to gradually mature has gone through 20 years of history. Conventional drying equipment the domestic market needs, as well as international market needs a major drying equipment, basic able to create their own country. This shows that China's drying equipment mainly imported history has ended.

  At present, China drying equipment in the domestic market share of more than 80%. Expected to "fifteen" period, the domestic drying equipment in the domestic market share will reach 90% or more, the focus of competition focused on product quality, technology, service and price.

  According to the China General Machinery Industry Association drying equipment revealed that the next few years, China's drying equipment demand will increase significantly in a number of areas. In grain drying areas for rice, wheat drying small drying equipment (5 tons / less), the estimated annual demand will reach thousand units; Chemical drying equipment with annual demand will reach 3,000 units (sets ) around; pharmaceutical drying equipment with annual demand will reach 3,000 units (sets) around; agriculture, forestry, native products drying equipment demand will reach 2,000 units (sets) around; light industrial drying equipment with annual demand will reach 2000 (sets) around.

  On the type of drying equipment, hot air will be heated atmospheric drying equipment, vacuum drying equipment-based, other special areas such as the far-infrared drying equipment, microwave drying equipment, users will also gradually expand the number of applications; in food, pharmaceutical and dried aspects, vacuum freeze-drying equipment in the larger size equipment demand will increase; functional composition (such as granulation - drying, dry - filtration) equipment demand will increase; highly automated drying equipment in a number of applications would be welcome . In addition, drying equipment more and more attention to the appearance of quality, corrosion ability corrosive materials drying equipment and reliable service life would be of special interest to the user.


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