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Grain drying equipment presents "Six Trends"

Datetime:2015-5-8 14:15:33   Hits:987

  For the current situation of grain drying equipment, combined with the vast rural market demand, industry experts recently about the author pointed out that the development of grain drying equipment will show six trends.

  First, grain drying machine production capacity to large-scale development. In view of this situation in the future, product manufacturers need to develop processing capacity of 20 tons -30 tons of equipment per hour.

  The second is to design a high-moisture grain down safety standards for equipment. In this regard, there are two ways to choose: The combined drying method, is about two or more drying unit drying method to synthesize a new drying process, from the current world grain drying technology development point of view, this is a trend; Design high performance grain flash dryer.

  Third, the application of advanced measurement and control technology, the drying process to an automated or semi-automated direction.

  Fourth, high temperatures can quickly handle large quantities of high-moisture grain.

  Fifth study of coal-fired energy. In this regard, the indirect energy efficient dryer is still the main direction of industrial development.

  Sixth, rural grain dryers should be small, multi-direction.


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