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Assist with the development of the pharmaceutical industry dryer

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  Use of belt dryer is very wide, present in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields have made great progress. However, in each area of its selection criteria is not the same, because the requirements and parameters of the dried material in various fields have a greater difference.
  Experts say the belt dryer is simple structure, easy installation, long-term operation. You can also enter the cabinets when the fault repair, and easy maintenance. Belt dryer is composed of several independent units composed of segments. Each cell segment includes a circulating fan, heating means, or a separate utilities fresh air drawn into the exhaust system and the exhaust system. Dryer performance directly affects the quality and value of dried foods. In recent years, China has successively developed a variety of multi-function, high efficiency, low energy consumption, adaptable dryer.
  Our dryer enterprises should actively absorb foreign advanced technology, innovative products, improve product quality. The development of large-scale equipment, automation control, quality, surface treatment equipment, corrosion resistant material selection efforts to develop multifunction machine, continue to extend the product life cycle.
(1) single-stage belt dryers: dry material from the feed end of the charging device is evenly distributed through to the output tape. Stainless steel sheet perforated conveyor belt is usually made, driven by the motor via a gearbox, adjustable speed. Drying cabinet body usually divided into several units, in order to independently control the operating parameters to optimize operations. There is an isolated segment between the drying section, this non-drying medium circulation.
(2) Multi-level belt dryer: multi-stage drying zone consists essentially of several single-stage belt dryer series, whose operating principle and the same single-stage belt dryer.
(3) multilayered belt dryer: a lower multilayer belt dryer used in the drying speed requirements, longer drying times in the course of the whole drying process conditions can be maintained constant occasions. Spacer layer is disposed between the directional flow to tissue drying medium, so that uniform drying. Multi-belt dryer area of small, simple structure, widely used in drying grain in. However, due to the operation of loading and unloading times, therefore not suitable for drying conveyor adhesiveness and does not allow the fragmentation of the material.
(4) Impact belt dryer: Impact belt dryer is suitable for drying fabrics, tobacco, and other surface coating a substrate sheet-like material. Impact conveyor belt usually consists of two components. Impact with a machine can be partitioned into independent control unit sections. After drying medium humidification, discharging part, another part of the return line after the incorporation of fresh medium drying cycle.
  Belt dryers used to dry with good ventilation sheet, strip, granular and paste material portion. Some materials can also be baked, baking mature processing operations. Belt dryer is simple structure, easy installation, long-term operation. You can also enter the cabinets   when the fault repair, and easy maintenance.
  How to choose a belt drying machine?
  The first step is the need for drying materials for sample test, which is very important. So for equipment suppliers whether it has a material testing equipment and experienced personnel sample is the most direct way to measure customer the manufacturer's capabilities.   Qualified belt dryer manufacturer usually after the test material can in the shortest possible time to provide customers a comprising: actual evaporation material, dynamic drying vacuum, drying temperature distribution, mass size, actual drying time, actual product capacity, energy consumption per unit of consumption than other technical parameters of the report, enabling customers to choose according to requirements to meet production equipment models and specifications.
  The second step is a comprehensive survey of the manufacturer's design standards and manufacturing capabilities. In general, manufacturers will be on the basis of material to provide a test report on the preliminary technical design and program design detailed statement of reasons in accordance with the customer's production targets and working conditions. Technical design is assessed manufacturers manufacturing capacity vacuum belt dryer extremely important part, especially manufacturers of key technology and equipment design as described: design design vacuum system, heating system, correction system design, cleaning and feeding system design, system design and other materials.
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